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By Patrick K. McGannon, M.D.

Frequently Asked Questions about the PSA

Membership Categories

Membership Application

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists

Why should I join the Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists?

The Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists (PSA) is the premier professional organization dedicated to anesthesiologists and the practice of anesthesiology within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

What are some benefits of members in the Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists?

Membership to the Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists includes:

  • Subscription to the Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists quarterly newsletter, The Sentinel.
  • Timely notification of issues of importance to anesthesiologists.
  • Access to CME credits.
  • Access to clinical information.
  • Access to important legislative issues.
  • The opportunity to support organized medicine in Pennsylvania.

What types of Membership are available?

  • Active ($300)
  • Affiliate ($50)
  • Resident (Exempt)
  • Honorary (Exempt)
  • Medical Student (Excempt)
  • Retired (Excempt)

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Membership Categories

There are six classes of membership:

Honorary Members

This category includes a doctor of medicine, a doctor of osteopathy or a scientist who has rendered years of faithful service to this Society.

Active Members

This category is limited to a physician who has a degree of doctor of medicine, bachelor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy; is engaged in the practice of or is interested in anesthesiology; and has successfully completed a training program in anesthesiology, accredited by the ACGME or equivalent organizations, or the American Osteopathic organization.

Resident Members

This includes a physician in full-time training in an accredited anesthesia residency in Pennsylvania who earned a degree of doctor of medicine, bachelor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy. Membership in this category lasts a maximum of five years.

Affiliate Members

Individuals who do not satisfy the criteria for active membership can belong to this category. They must have an interest in the practice of anesthesiology, and be either 1.) a physician not in the clinical practice of anesthesiology, 2.) a physician who is on active duty in the Armed Forces, 3.) a non-physician scientist, or 4.) a physician who resides outside the U.S. and is not a member of any Component Society.

Retired Members

This category includes physicians who have been an active member of this Society in good standing for 10 or more years and have retired.

Medical Student Members

This category is for students who are in full-time training in a medical school in Pennsylvania.

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Membership Application

In order to join Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists, you must also belong to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). You can join both organizations by filling out the ASA application.

If you are retired and wish to switch your ASA and PSA membership to retired status, fill out this form and return it to the ASA.

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