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By Richard P. O’Flynn, M.D., and Paul J. Schaner, M.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you can do to help

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Z-PAC?

  Z-PAC is the Political Action Committee of the Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists.

It is an independent non-profit, unincorporated association operated as an adjunct to the Society. Through Z-PAC, anesthesiologists are able to provide financial support for candidates for state and local elective offices who understand and appreciate the goals, objectives and values of anesthesiologists.

Why was Z-PAC formed?

The formation of Z-PAC pre-dated the formation of ASAPAC (the PAC of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Paul Schaner, M.D., recognized that political decisions had a direct impact on our practices when he formed Z-PAC in July 1984. Politicians play a key role in determining how anesthesiologists are paid, the regulatory environment in which we practice and the role of non-physician providers in our state.

State law prohibits corporations (your group) and associations (PSA) from direct involvement in the political process. Only PACs can participate. Z-PAC is the legal and ethical system for political participation by anesthesiologists.

Through Z-PAC, anesthesiologists are able to support candidates who support anesthesiology and our goal of providing the safest care possible.

Why do anesthesiologists contribute to Z-PAC?

They understand that political involvement is critical to their practice of anesthesiology. They see the PAC as the only effective political voice for anesthesiologists in Pennsylvania. It guarantees our presence, voice and influence in Harrisburg.

What does Z-PAC do with its money?

With the guidance of our lobbying firm, Quantum Communications, we make contributions to pro-anesthesiology candidates. The majority of the support goes to Senate and House of Representative candidates.

How can I participate or find out more information?

Individual anesthesiologists can contribute in a variety of ways. Online credit card contributions, either single payment or monthly withdraws are available. Personal checks can also be sent.

Pennsylvania election law also allows group payroll deduction. If you are interested in payroll deduction, please contact our lobbying firm, Quantum Communications. Feel free to contact the Z-PAC Treasurer if you have any additional questions.

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What you can do to help

All politics are local. Some individuals may not be able to donate, but they can donate their time to the election of their elected representatives.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Aim to know your state representative and senator on a first name basis
  • Be active in every election – contact Z-PAC to elect your candidate
  • Put a placard in your yard and/or offer to place them elsewhere in town
  • Involve your family – it’s an important lesson for the present and future
  • Have a coffee klatch – invite neighbors to meet the candidate
  • Cover the polls at voting time

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