Resident Component

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Welcome! The PSA Resident Component is here to serve as the liaison between the seven residency programs (and their residents) and the PSA. We help address resident issues with the PSA and try to assist residents wherever possible.

Our goals include: 

1. See ASA-PAC donations from residents grow to 100 percent participation in all seven programs. It is already 100 percent in Pittsburgh, and we will work together to make it so at the other programs. This will include information sheets of what the PAC does for us and why it is so important to be strong and active in D.C.

2. Plan on organizing a job fair that would take place at the annual PAARC conference in May. The event would include both private practices and academic institution representatives that residents can meet, get information from, and possibly interview with, leading to a future job.

3. Set up volunteer experiences for residents to participate in the community where they will explain what anesthesiologists do as a whole.

We hope to make this Resident Component one of the strongest in the country, but we cannot do it without you.


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