Anesthesiology in the News

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Centre Daily Times

Letter to the Editor - Veterans' Lives at Risk by Dr. Edward Dench  (pdf)

June 8, 2016


How to Stop Generic Drug Shortages: End Hospital Group Purchasing Kickbacks

January 30, 2015

San Francisco Chronicle

Drug shortage, cancer recurrence linked

December 27, 2012


How A Drug Shortage Hiked Relapse Risks For Lymphoma Patients

December 27, 2012

Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union

Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology Expands Redesigned Website

July 9, 2012 Health Blog

Time to Fix Drug Shortage Crisis

March 19, 2012

Scientific America

What Doctors Don't Understand About Anesthesia

February 28, 2012

Time Magazine

Healing the Hurt

February 24, 2011

New York Times

'Call It a Reversible Coma, Not Sleep'

February 28, 2011


Physicians Protecting Patients